Pres. Trump  fired the IG for the State Department late Friday. He is required by statute to explain why. But, his letter to Congress simply said he lost confidence in Steve Linick. Yes, the old “lost confidence” rationale. The refuge of all retaliating employers. Later, when asked about the termination, Pres. Trump minimized one of the complaints the IG’s office was investigating, that Secretary of State Pompeo was using government workers to walk Sec’y Pompeo’s dog and wash his dishes. Indeed, Mr. Pompeo’s security personnel have been joking they are “Uber Eats” with guns, because they have been sent out for take-out so often.

The President said Sec’y Pompeo “might” have been on important phone calls with world leaders when he asked government workers to wash his dishes. …. Perhaps, but wouldn’t the dishes have waited until he found world peace? It violates various regulations and statutes to call on public servants to perform personal tasks. The President is wrong on several levels.

But, more importantly, his answer suggests Sec’y Pompeo was seeking reprisal against Mr. Linick. The President even said someone needs to deal with this “whole whistle blower racket.” See Politico news report. And, the President was only too willing to deal with it.