A no-Spanish rule is very problematic for any employer, but especially so in San Antonio. Yet, that is the rule allegedly imposed by the La Cantera resort. So, it is not surprising that La Cantera is settling the EEOC lawsuit against it for $2.6 million. La Cantera claims it did not have a no-Spanish policy. But, the evidence is substantial. If the evidence was weak, it is certain La Cantera would not settle for such a large amount. I previously wrote about that lawsuit here.

The lawsuit alleged discrimination based on speaking Spanish. The lawsuit alleged retaliation for opposing that policy. Destination Hotels and Resorts formerly operated La Cantera. Destination was the named defendant. Twenty-five plaintiff employees will share in the settlement. According to the lawsuit, Destination imposed the no Spanish policy soon after it assumed control of the resort in 2013. One employee said he and his co-workers were disciplined as often as every week for speaking Spanish.

One employee, Sergio Vitela, was fired after he complained about the policy. He had been working at the resort for 12 years when he was fired. Yes, settling this lawsuit was a wise move by Destination. See the San Antonio Express News report here.