Two managers at the state Department of Health and Human Services Commission were fired weeks after they complained about possible violations of law at the agency. Before they were fired, they were excluded from important meetings. These are the allegations in a whistle blower lawsuit filed by Dimitria Pope and Shannon Pickett. Ms. Pope and Ms. Pickett were in charge of the Medical Transportation Program until last October. They were fired with no notice.

According to the lawsuit, the two women were subjected to unfair performance valuations and useless investigations which found no wrongdoing after they made their complaints. See San Antonio Express News report.

Unfortunately, under current whistle blower law, that may not be enough. What is critical in whistle blower lawsuits is that the employees reported their concerns to persons in a position to enforce the laws that are being violated. The news report does not indicate to whom they made their initial report. It does mention that later they reported their concerns to the Austin Police Department. But, we do not know if that report led to their termination, or if it was the report to their supervisors.