Colin Kaepernick has filed a labor grievance alleging the NFL has “colluded” to keep him from playing. His press release and the news accounts do not explain what his basis is for believing there is some on going collusion going. See NPR news report.

Having watched the NFL for most of my life, I know the owners are very independent, but sure, they are capable of agreeing on some things. But, it is a steep hill in trying to show collusion or conspiracy. He must show more than that one owner has discussed him and agreed he should not be signed by their respective teams. It is not enough that one owner says to another owner that Kaepernick is a problem. They must go further and say clearly they agree not to sign him to a contract. How would any player, much less someone with Mr. Kaepernick’s notoriety have access to that sort of inside discussion? My guess is he is simply frustrated at going one whole season and now into a second season without being signed by some team. NFL teams are always looking for another quarterback. Yet, he remains unsigned.

A quarterback’s skills are fungible. That youthful energy and ability diminishes over time. He must feel some pressure to get something going. But, as any judge will tell you, speculation is not enough.