John Owens’ information apparently hit a nerve. Within a day of the news report regarding the AG’s refusal to sue Trump University, Ken Paxton’s office has issued a “cease and desist” letter to Mr. Owens. I wrote about that investigation here. The cease and desist letter warns the former head of the consumer protection division not to use documents from the Trump University investigation. The letter claims the information is privileged and confidential. But, Mr. Owens insisted he has not violated any ethical rules or laws. See San Antonio Express News report.

The Express-News report states that records from investigations are usually public after the investigation has concluded. It is strange that years after the investigation has concluded, someone argues that the records are confidential for some reason. What would be the reason? Trump University is closed. It no longer exists. So, it is quite unlikely it might return to Texas and then be re-investigated. So, the cease and desist letter suggests the real concern is more political than legal.