The business plan for Trump University calls for the salesmen to up-sell to more expensive products and ask to see any search warrants. That plan alone suggests Trump University is not what it purports to be. The “university” came to Texas in 2009. Some 30 complaints were lodged with the Better Business Bureau. The Attorney General’s office was interested. Investigators went undercover and attended the seminars. They interviewed dozens of students and requested hundreds of documents. In May 2010, investigators determined the alleged school violated two provisions of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act. The AG’s Consumer Protection office decided evidence supported a lawsuit. They would seek $5.4 million.

Then, it all stopped. Trump University left the state and the suit was dropped. The case was closed and Texas consumers were left “high and dry,” said the former deputy chief for the consumer protection division, John Owen. They were a little shocked at the sudden end, according to Mr. Owen.

The buck stopped with the second-in-charge, Dan Hodge. Mr. Hodge was second only to AG Abbott. Mr. Owen believes Greg Abbott was aware of the recommended lawsuit. Dan Hodge now works as chief-of-staff to Gov. Abbott. Mr. Hodge turned down his staff’s recommendation to file suit. Three years later, Donald Trump, who famously often says that he contributes to politicians for one reason, to gain advantage, gave Greg Abbott $35,000. Mr. Trump had not donated to a Texas politician in years. But, he donated this time, when he apparently thought he would gain some advantage. See San Antonio Express News report.

The former head of the consumer protection division believes the decision not to sue was a political decision. And, as Donald Trump loudly proclaims,. he donates only to buy influence. And, now, Greg Abbott has, of course endorsed the controversial candidate.