There is much risk when filing a discrimination lawsuit. There is the simple risk that the plaintiff will lose. Most plaintiffs file their lawsuits based on contingency – meaning the lawyer is paid only if there is a recovery of some sort. So, the lawyer incurs the risk of his/her time or money, or both. But, there is also the risk of being sanctioned. A Pennsylvania lawyer was sanctioned by a United States District Judge for “litigious necromancy . . . ¬†conjured up by specious pleadings.” Donald P. Russo was ordered to pay $115,917 in legal costs for two defendants when he lost his lawsuit. Mr. Russo, said the court, built up his case based on posturing and consistent filings that were based on bluffs. The judge noted the lawyer had a problematic track record, apparently indicating he had filed other questionable lawsuits. See ABA Bar Journal report.

I assume this means Mr. Russo filed a case for which he lacked evidence. Knowing federal court as I do, I suspect Mr. Russo was warned about his problematic lawsuits long before he was sanctioned.