Our leave plaices are woefully inadequate compared to European countries. Europe offers at least 14 weeks of paid maternity leave. Germany and Sweden offer the last amount at 14 weeks. The United Kingdom offers 52 weeks, while Ireland offered 42 weeks of paid maternity leave. Here in the USA, we offer zero. Although, says the CBS news report, some upper tier employers offer some paid maternity leave. See CBS News report.

The European Union requires employers to offer at least four weeks of paid vacation each year. That is much more than our mere two weeks each year. Some European countries, such as Denmark, France and Sweden offer five weeks per year. Without providing specifics, the report also indicates that unemployment benefits are much better in European countries.

But, taxes are also much higher in Europe. The average personal tax rate in Denmark, the country with the most generous benefits, is 38.4% while the average US worker pays 24.8% in taxes. Would it be worth the extra 10-14% to have better leave? That question is the stuff of which elections are made…..