Well, the saga of the Cain brothers is over. I previously wrote about Ronnie Cain’s efforts to obtain severance pay after being terminated from his position as City Manager for Windcrest. See my prior posts here and here. Gary Cain and Ronnie Cain were accused of embezzling $2.8 million. I thought Ron Cain’s demand for severance pay was rather “nervy” under the circumstances. But, at trial recently, Gary Cain was acquitted by a jury after deliberating for 11 hours. And, now the special prosecutor has elected to dismiss the charges against Ronnie. See San Antonio Express News report. I do not know if Mr. Cain ever obtained any severance, but the two brothers have now been through bankruptcy and a five year legal ordeal.

Eleven hours is a very long time for any jury to deliberate. The case must have been close.