Well, two dancers won their trial last March. So, now Tiffany’s Cabaret has settled with the remaining dancers. I previously wrote about this case and trial here. The dancers sought a collective action, which is the name for a class action under the Fair Labor Standards Act. About half the dancers could not join the collective action because they had previously signed arbitration agreements. But, the rest of the dancers, about half of the 45 who asked to join, were allowed to join the collective action. They settled their claims after the Magistrate Judge denied the employer’s motion to dismiss. See San Antonio Express News report here.

It looks like the employer realized it should settle. The two dancers who went to trial last March, after all, were awarded $250,000, plus attorney’s fees. At the time, Tiffany’s Cabaret said they would appeal. But, I expect a more sober assessment has changed that plan, as well,