Robin Shea at Employment and Labor Insider, who has a wicked sense of humor, has penned an instructive piece on Human Resources departments. Robin generally represents employers. So, she comes to this issue with much experience. Should we trust HR or not, she asks? Well, the answer is mixed. She cut and pasted posts from other internet commentators who clearly find HR to be the source of much trouble in the corporate world. . . .  And, she admits there is some justification for that view. Employees who think HR might be an advocate for the average worker in the same way a friend or family member would be are unrealistic. But, she closes with “true” examples of HR persons doing the right thing at least once in regard to one employee. Keep in mind her explanation: HR employees are employees and their mission is largely recruiting and retaining good workers. That gibes with my experience, as well. There are many HR workers who seek to fulfill the greater good of recruiting and retaining good employees – and that does sometimes mean “squaring away” (as we say in the Army) some manager who needs education. See Robin’s post here.