Schlumberger cannot accept its loss in a recent jury trial. The large oil field service company has asked U.S. District Judge Lamberth for a judgment notwithstanding the verdict. That is, it has asked the judge to toss the jury verdict saying the verdict lacked evidentiary support. See San Antonio Express News report (account required). The plaintiff’s lawyer earlier filed a motion seeking $350,000 in an award of attorney’s fees. That is a very high amount. That large amount probably reflects the great amount of work the plaintiff’s lawyers had to invest to get to trial. The jury verdict was a relatively small amount, some $29,000 in total damages. See my prior post here.

Regarding Schlumberger’s request to toss the jury verdict, the plaintiff’s lawyer said the employer is setting up the case for appeal. The appeal will likely cost more than the entire jury award. As many employers do, Schlumberger just cannot accept that it lost. It will spend more than  the case is worth to prove its point.