My colleague and friend, Chris McKinney has mentioned a settlement by The Scooter Store.  The Scooter Store, based in New Bruanfels, Texas, settled a case filed by the EEOC for $99,000.  The EEOC represented James Sherman, a manager who sought accommodation for his disability.  Mr. Sherman suffers from psoriatic arthritis and needed a temporary leave of absence.  The complaints states that The Scooter Store denied the request and fired Mr. Sherman. 

The EEOC filed suit in new York against the nation-wide employer.  As part of the settlement, The Scooter Store agreed to a consent decree lasting five years.  The consent decree requires the Scooter Store to re-train its managers regarding requests for leave and to change its policies regarding leave requests.  See Chris’ post.  

Ironically, The Scooter Store was named one of the best places to work in the San Antonio, Texas area in 2011.  Too many employers seem to be unaware that leave from work is a necessary accommodation in the right circumstances.