The Scooter Store is in trouble. The Scooter Store settled a disability discrimination lawsuit just a few months ago.  See my prior post about the Scooter Store settlement.  In January, a CBS News report suggested the power wheelchair companies were "ripping off the government."  In February, the FBI and other agencies executed search warrants at

My colleague and friend, Chris McKinney has mentioned a settlement by The Scooter Store.  The Scooter Store, based in New Bruanfels, Texas, settled a case filed by the EEOC for $99,000.  The EEOC represented James Sherman, a manager who sought accommodation for his disability.  Mr. Sherman suffers from psoriatic arthritis and needed a temporary leave

You work for a company for 30 years, acquire a skill, and then join a new, smaller company doing the same job.  You think you have reached a certain level of success.  But, no, you have not.  That is Teresa Jackson’s exprience.  She worked for the Scooter Store in Newe Braunfels, Texas for over 31