The Occupational Health & Safety Act requires employers to provide a safe working environment for all workers.  The Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA) protects some workers, but not all.  There are no protections for repetitive stress injuries or ergonomic requirements.  See "Can my boss do that?"  There are simply few rules for office workers and no rules regarding these more recent sorts of injuries.  The OSHA rules still focus on the traditional physical injuries in an industrial setting. 

If you are covered by work rules, you should see a poster on the wall.  OSHA rules apply to all private sector workers.  You can go the OSHA website to see specific safety rules for specific industries.  

The OSH statute prohibits reprisal for reporting safety violations.  The deadline to report reprisal is 30 days.  See OSHA link discussing reprisal.  That is an exceedingly short deadline.  Many workers will not become aware of the reprisal for days or weeks after it occurs.  OSHA rules continue to be a hot button political issue and are not likely to change soon.