I previously wrote about the federal court’s interpretation of the Texas Election Code here. In that decision, the Western District of Texas found that fear of contracting the coronavirus does indeed constitute a disability. Now, the Texas Supreme Court has weighed in. TheTexas Supreme Court reached the opposite conclusion, that fear of the virus

I wrote a post the other day stating that mere fear of contracting the COVID19 virus is not a disability for purposes of the Americans with Disabilities Act. See that post here. But, in a similar lawsuit concerning mail-in balloting, the Western District of Texas has found that anxiety over the coronavirus does indeed

Not in Texas, sort of.  In other states, workers may have no such protection, at all.  See the website, Can My Boss Do That? here.

Mitt Romney has been quoted as encouraging employers to tell their employees how to vote.   See Mike Elk’s blog post.  In this time of secret ballots, it