In Texas, unemployment benefits are awarded to employees who lose their job through no fault of their own.  That is the general rule.  It is one area in Texas employment law where fairness carries some weight.  The process starts when the employee files a claim for benefits.  Texas Workforce Commission will then request a statement

 Written counseling is important.  I have advised and represented small business owners.  The best protection from a false claim is written counseling made at the time of the alleged infraction.  Even the most basic workplace will have scratch paper somewhere.  You as a manager need to include the basics:  what the employee did wrong, when

Texas Workforce Commission appears almost designed to undermine legitiimate employee claims for unemployment benefits.  I receive one or two calls every year from recipients of unemployment benefits who were overpaid unemployment benefits through TWC errors and now, TWC wants their money back.  TWC essentially tells them to pay it back or else.  

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