toxic work environment

Why is it so hard to speak up at a toxic work culture? The Harvard Business Review described what occurred at Nike when some women informally surveyed other female employees and found a problem. As a result, top male executives are having and bias training has ben instituted. The real problem started long before those

Some work places are just so toxic. When my unit was deployed to Iraq, we inherited work and living space from the unhappiest, most dysfunctional Army unit I have ever come into contact with. The living space was filthy. They never cleaned it up. The members of this unit, some 50 persons, had filed about

If there is one thread common to employment lawsuits, it is poor or no training for managers. Training helps instill values. It builds a culture of excellence. It is that culture of excellence which is missing from Child Protective Services. See San Antonio Express News report. The report discusses the missed opportunities by social