Advertising slogans can be a precious thing. Attorney Melissa A. Wilson has sued San Antonio attorney Heather C. Tessmer in federal court for the use of the slogan, “Ever Argue with a Woman?” Ms. Wilson has used a similar slogan. “Ever Argued with a Woman?” in Florida. Ms. Wilson says she has used the slogan

An acquaintance passed away recently. His passing brought to mind the high school I graduated from in 1975. Mike Gallagher graduated from John Marshal High School a couple of years before I did. He was a football player, and an officer in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. In other words, he was at the top

The City of Selma, Texas has settled a discrimination lawsuit for $37,500.  Capt. Jeff Moczygemba sued after he was fired.  Capt. Moczygemba was one of the few firefighters to confirm to Human Resource investigators that the Fire Chief, Ric Braun, had made anti-Hispanic comments.  Chief Braun had referred to "wetbacks" who used to clean up the

The Department of Justice has filed suit against the City of Selma for violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  Adam Sadler filed a charge with the EEOC claiming he had been demoted to firefighter after he complained about the Chief of the Fire Department.  The former lieutenant complained that the

Worker’s compensation protects employees who suffer on-the-job injuries.  The worker’s compensation scheme was devised back in the 1920’s and 1930’s as a way to prevent lawsuits against employers.  The intent was to provide some modest level of compensation for workers who get injured.  In return, employees would give up the right to file personal injury

 Persons with disabilities face huge obstacles.  Persons confined to a wheelchair face sometimes insurmountable obstacles.  So, it is nice on occasion to see some folks doing the right thing.  The famous musical "Texas" staged every summer in the Palo Duro Canyon settled a lawsuit by making the musical accessible to persons with disabilities, including those