Texas Christian University

College football players are the very definition of the “Big Man on Campus.” But, some football coaches do not want their players thinking they are so big. At Texas Christian University, a football player wanted to cut in line at the on-campus Chick-Fil-A, saying he was a football player. The student tweeted about it. Tasla

I first wrote about Kolby Listenbee’s lawsuit here. He is suing Texas Christian University because he claims the football staff, including the head coach, bullied him into playing even though he was hurt. Mr. Listenbee was recently cut by the Indianapolis Colts. A website, frogswire.com then posted a satirical post suggesting Mr. Listenbee is

You can file a lawsuit about anything. But, that does not mean you should. Yet, it appears a former TCU football player has done just that. Kolby Listenbee, a talented receiver for the TCU football team from 2012 to 2015, has filed suit against Texas Christian University for supposedly pressuring him to play while he

LCPL Benjamin Schmidt was killed in Afghanistan last year by friendly fire.  Before he joined the Marines, he was studying at Texas Christian University.  After his Marine service, he had planned to return to TCU to study history.  He enjoyed TCU so much that he designated TCU to receive one-half of his $200,000 life insurance