Justin Slaby has walked a long road.  He lost his left hand in an Army training accident in 2004.  He applied for and was accepted by the FBI.  He was then kicked out of the FBI Special Agent academy.  He filed suit based on disability discrimination and won. The court ruled that he should not

In a remarkable advance for persons with disabilities, Justin Slaby won his discrimination lawsuit against the FBI.  The jury returned a verdict awarding Mr. Slaby $75,000 in compensatory (emotional suffering) damages.  Because the government is the defendant, punitive damages are not available.  The court will determine the details regarding whether Mr. Slaby should be reinstated

As regular readers may recall, I served in Iraq from 2005-06.   I was an Army Reserve officer at the time.  So, I am a bit sensitive to veterans issues.  One such case concerns Justin Slaby, a veteran of two tours in Iraq and one tour in Afghanistan.  Mr. Slaby was about to deploy again