Justin Slaby has walked a long road.  He lost his left hand in an Army training accident in 2004.  He applied for and was accepted by the FBI.  He was then kicked out of the FBI Special Agent academy.  He filed suit based on disability discrimination and won. The court ruled that he should not have been dismissed from the academy.   I wrote about his odyssey here and here.  Well, it seems the FBI balked at how and when Mr. Slaby should get his second shot at the academy.  The U.S. District Judge who heard the case had to enter an order imposing a deadline of April 1, 2014 or no later than June 1, 2014.  The Judge ordered the FBI to get him into a class by June 1 if they can find a class that soon.  Otherwise, they must get him into a class of just himself no later than April 1.  See Washington Post report.  

The FBI argued among many claims, that they did not have the money for another training class.  At that point, Mr. Slaby offered to contribute the money awarded by the jury.  The FBI, however, demurred.  

Amazing.  Even after the employer lost, the FBI stalled to the point that a federal judge had to intervene.  Much like the Republicans who lost when the Affordable Care Act was initially passed in 2010 and then a few years later, they shut down the government in one more vain attempt to stop the law.  The FBI just cannot seem to accept their initial loss.  Hooah to a soldier who will not give up.