An internal investigation by the UT system found that UTSA President Ricardo Romo more likely than not engaged in sexual harassment with three female employees. Mr. Romo would engage in lengthy hugs with the women. Pres. Romo described these hugs as “abrazos.” Maybe. But, someone as smart as Dr. Romo knows not to throw around

I wrote about Ricardo Romo previously here. He was placed on leave from his position as president of the University of Texas at San Antonio. When he was first placed on leave, he pledged to clear his name. Now, he has decided to retire. He does not explain the entire situation but suggests he

Dr. Ricardo Romo, President of the University of Texas at San Antonio, has been placed on leave immediately. The school has not offered an explanation for the sudden leave. But, there is pending a complaint of sexual harassment against the President by two employees. The two employees had been fired and apparently complained the termination