In one recent case, the employer did not move for summary judgment or otherwise seek to dismiss. The case was filed by Jamel Blanton, Arica-American, and alleged racial and sexual discrimination. The female restaurant manager was accused of saying such things as: “do all black guys have big penises?” “What I would do for you

The lawyer for Bev Kearney, former track coach at the University of Texas, says they will file suit, soon regarding her EEOC complaint.  Coach Kearney won six national titles in track at UT.  Her EEOC complaint alleges discrimination based on race, gender and retaliation.  She was suspended because school officials discovered she had had a

 If you are going to quit, get ready.  Clear your office of embarrassing computer files, personal papers and anything else you want to keep.  As the ABA Bar Journal advises lawyers, once you resign, your employer may very likely escort you out of the office immediately with nothing more than a promise to send your