The National Labor Relations Board has issued a ruling addressing employment agreements with arbitration provisions. The agreement in this decision prevented an employee from filing a class action.  See NLRB decision.  The case concerned an agreement used by the homebuilder, D.R. Horton which provided that employees had to bring employment claims to an individual

A judge has ordered that five employees who voiced complaints on Facebook be reinstated to their jobs and be awarded backpay.  The five employees of Hispanics United of Buffalo complained about the workloads and other conditions of their job.  HUB is a non-profit agency in Buffalo, New York.  Their supervisor then fired them, saying their

 It is a little known provision found in the National Labor Relations Act.  An employee has the right to discuss "terms and conditions " of employment with other employees.  An employee can discuss whether they like their supervisor or whether they are paid enough.  Discussions about work issues were seen as the precursor to forming

 The National Labor Relations Act protects the rights of workers who organize unions.  One thing the employer cannot do during an organization attempt is ask questions of the employees about the organizing activity and threaten the workers with fewer hours and less pay if they do form a union.  That appears to be what the