San Antonio based restaurant China Sea, agreed to pay $504,577 to 82 former workers for minimum wage, overtime and record-keeping violations. China Sea used two sets of books, one real, one not so real. Some kitchen workers were paid a salary that did not equate to minimum wage. And some workers worked 60 hours per

They were exotic dancers, but they were also workers, just like the rest of us. Alexis Alex and Nicolette Prieto formerly danced at Tiffany’s Cabaret, a gentleman’s club. They claimed they were not paid minimum wage. The employer’s records did not record their time. But, the club’s strongest defense was that the money paid them

Internships are offered as a way to gain experience.  But, often the only persons who can afford to accept an internship are children of families who can support the worker.  Apparently, some internships are nothing more than a way to avoid paying minimum wages.  The Charley Rose Show, seen on PBS, has agreed to settle

The San Antonio chain of car washes, known as the "Wash Tub," has agreed with the Department of Labor to pay $246,438 in back wages.  The chain deducted so many items from some workers’ checks that their wages came to less than minimum wage.  They failed to pay overtime wages and failed to record time

 Gene Lee writes a good post about whether workers should be paid for checking email after hours.  More and more employees are being required to check their email after work.  Accoding to a 2008 Pew internet survey,  50% of workers said they check their work email on weekends.  20% of workers said they were required