I first wrote about Kolby Listenbee’s lawsuit here. He is suing Texas Christian University because he claims the football staff, including the head coach, bullied him into playing even though he was hurt. Mr. Listenbee was recently cut by the Indianapolis Colts. A website, frogswire.com then posted a satirical post suggesting Mr. Listenbee is

Former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach is still after the pay he believes he was owed. I wrote about his lawsuit against Texas Tech here and here. He seeks $2.4 million, including $1.6 million for a buyout clause. Under the terms of the buyout clause, he would be entitled to $1.6 million if he

So, now Coach Art Briles has sued Baylor University for “wrongful termination.” See San Antonio Express News report. The saga of the Baylor University football team reached its apex a few weeks ago when the Pepper Hamilton law firm report was released. The report implicated Baylor University officials, including Coach Briles, in the half

Mike Leach was fired by Texas Tech over five years ago. He filed suit over that termination, saying it violated his contract. I previously wrote about his lawsuit here and here. He sued to force the state to honor its contract hiring him. But, his initial appeal was denied. And, now the Texas Supreme

You cannot sue the state without permission.  This law is as old as the United States.  The principle provides essentially that a state must waive its sovereign immunity.  

Coach Mike Leach has run into this challenge when he sued Texas Tech for violating the terms of his contract.  See report.  Coach Leach claims

 An employment relationship that went bad.  It happens all the time from Burger King to any corporate boardroom.  When it happens in Lubbock, Texas to a major college coach, it becomes big news.  Mike Leach filed his Third Amended Petition in state court alleging breach of contract, wrongful termination,  among other things.  He has added