Former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach is still after the pay he believes he was owed. I wrote about his lawsuit against Texas Tech here and here. He seeks $2.4 million, including $1.6 million for a buyout clause. Under the terms of the buyout clause, he would be entitled to $1.6 million if he was fired without cause. Coach Leach recently hired a former news reporter to create a publicity campaign to help pressure the university. See Ft. Worth Star Telegram report. But, the thing is the school had pretty good cause to fire him., He had abused the son of an ESPN analyst, Craig James. Mr. James was also a former star running back at SMU and in the NFL. The coach might disagree whether the treatment of the young Adam James was abuse. But, the employer gets to make that call, not the employee.

He tried to sue his former employer for breach of contract. But, like most states, Texas has a law that a state cannot be sued unless it has given permission. And, it has never passed any sort of law that would allow a former coach to sue for breach of contract. He apparently feels like he was cheated in some way. But, everyone who deals with the state incurs that risk. Coach Leach is also a law school graduate. He may feel he has some inside knowledge. If so, it has not worked for him, yet.

Too, Coach Leach, while still employed at Texas Tech reportedly told his boss, the school President, to go f— himself. That sort of remark does tend to cause issues with management.