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Judges are easy targets.  They rule on issues that affect everyone.  They are limited by ethical rules in how or even if they can respond to political attacks.  So, sure, Newt Gingrich attacks Judge Fred Biery as part of his campaign for president.  Mr. Gingrich says he would "do no more than eliminate Judge Biery

Every lawsuit has another side.  Now, we hear from Dakota Meyer’s former supervisor at BAE Systems OASYS Inc.  Bobby McCreight, Mr. Meyer’s former boss, filed his Answer to Medal of Honor winner Dakota Meyer’s lawsuit.  Mr. Meyer’s lawsuit accuses Mr. McCreight of defaming Mr. Meyer and costing him a new job.  Mr. Meyer had applied

During the 1960’s many federal judges had to seek safety because they enforced constitutional law regarding integration in Southern states.  These Southern judges did not necessarily advocate integration.  Instead, they were simply fulfilling their duty to enforce the law as it had already been decided by a higher court. 

Our own Judge Fred Biery has