McDonald's coffee case

The McDonald’s coffee cup case from New Mexico some 20 years ago is often cited by folks alleging lawsuit abuse. What those folks do not know is the coffee was kept at a very high temperature (above 160 degrees) despite many complaints, the lady suffered third degree burns on her inner thigh and the McDonald’s

I keep reading reports that the so-called tort reform movement is much exaggerated.  Many of these so-called "reforms" keep folks from getting to the courthouse and seeking true relief.  One more such report appears in the form of Blocking the Courthouse Door, by Stephanie Mencimer, reviewed by Washington Monthly.  The author recounts various examples

 Half a million dollar verdicts are very rare in employment cases.  As I have explained to many clients, the big dollar verdicts generally go to the clients with big lost income.  CEO’s, doctors, etc. get the big verdicts because they lose so much money in salary and retirement benefits.  So, it is no surprise that