So, now AG Paxton and Mr. Cole, head of the Department of Health Services, have agreed to implement policies which will ensure no other gay or lesbian citizens will be denied requests to amend death certificates. The state officers say they will implement these new policies within just a couple of days. In turn, Judge

Changing sex is now a protected classification in the eyes of the EEOC.  In Macy v. Eric Holder, a federal employee tried to file a complaint alleging discrimination against her because of her sex – that is, her gender as related to her transgender status.  The federal EEO officer refused to accept her charge.

Its an issue that strikes home with me.  Do gays belong in the military?  One law school prof discusses his view, based on the harm sometimes done by the "Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell" policy.  See discussion.  Having served 28 years in the Army National Guard and Army Reserve, I look at the issue through

 Is San Antonio far behind?  Ft. Worth passed a broad anti-homosexual discrimination ordnance.  The ordnance applies to transgender folks, as well as to gay or lesbian persons.  This ordnance only applies to the city of Ft. Worth.  This ordnance was passed in response to an incident at a gay bar where the police allegedly harassed