Well, Attorney General Ken Paxton cannot say he is surprised. The Texas Bar Association has taken action against his bar license. Just a couple of weeks ago, the Texas Bar first sued Paxton’s First Assistant, Brent Webster. Mr. Webster signed the same very weak lawsuit that AG Paxton filed in 2021. I previously wrote about

Every lawyer has a fiduciary duty to maintain a client’s property safely and appropriately. A fiduciary duty is the highest duty imposed by our legal system. A fiduciary must exercise a high degree of good faith in protecting a client’s property. So, when the "DWI Dude" is charged with not returning $50,000 he maintained on

 In Texas employment lawsuits, sometimes both a manager and the company are named in a lawsuit.  In such situations, the employer typically provides a lawyer for the management official.  "Provides" generally means pay for.  Almost always, the same defense lawyer represents both the manager and the company.  But, the manager’s interest and the employer’s interest