Employee handbooks are not enforceable.  They have not been enforceable since the early 1990’s.  In the early 1990’s, after a few court decisions, Texas employers realized they had to include a disclaimer in each handbook stating that the handbook is not a contract.  Employers wanted employe handbooks to not bind the employers.  Much of what

 Mike Maslanka, generally a defense lawyer, offers a good point about employee handbooks.  All large employers have them.  They provide concise, easy-to-read rules.  But, employee handbooks generally do not provide a purpose for the rule.  They do not explain why a particular rule is necessary, or even better, why the rule provides a benefit to

 Many times over the years, I have been asked or told that what the employer did was not fair.  The employee will tell me how they were fired with just one warning.  The employee explains that the employee handbook clearly says the employer must have three written warnings "before they can fire you."