In many ways, the deck is stacked against the discrimination victims. Most folks who believe they have been subjected to discrimination put off seeing a lawyer. Many, a great many folks go directly to the EEOC, trusting in the federal government. The EEOC means well, but it is over-worked and under-staffed. Many EEOC workers are

Rick knew the internet world very well. He had worked on the East Coast as a systems engineer before a disease caused the loss of his eyesight. With the aid of larger typeface and other tools, he could function pretty well despite his diminished eye sight. Rick used a walking cane and relied on public transportation. 

Rick was

 So, you’re diagnosed with depression.  It will not get better.  You are unemployed for a year and a half.  Your problems mount.  You live in Canada, so you see see gray skies everyday.  Then, your doctor tells you to get away to some sunny climate for a brief time.  You take a trip, take some