Court of Criminal Appeals

Attorney General Ken Paxton asked his followers to harass Court of Criminal Appeals judges regarding a prior decision. That decision held that the AG cannot prosecute election fraud cases without permission from the local District Attorney. I previously wrote about AG Paxton’s call to arms here. It was an extraordinary call from any elected

It used to be that chief law enforcement officers respected the courts and and the laws they must enforce. But, Ken Paxton sees things differently. The chief law enforcement officer for the state recently went on Mike Lindell’s website, Frank, and urged his supporters to contact the judges on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals

Judge Sharon Keller’s lawyer made his final arguments to the Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct.  He argues defensively that the protocol she was expected to follow was not in writing at the time.  He said the TCJC has completed a poor investigation.  He accused the lawyers for the executed killer, Michael Richard, of telling

 I do not know what happened, but, yes, if a judge fails to follow procedure, then that is a problem.  The trial of Sharon Keller started yesterday.  She is presiding judge of the Court of Criminal Appeals.  That means, she is the chief judge for the highest court in Texas regarding criminal cases.  If she