Arbitration in employment cases is still new. It is also private. So, researchers have not had access to arbitration decisions or awards. But, a statute passed in California requires the arbitrators to make public their decisions. One Cornell researcher obtained those public awards and found some remarkable trends. The largest provider of arbitration services is

Usually at settlement times, clients ask me about our chances for success at trial.  What might happen at trial drives everything in a lawsuit, especially settlement.  But, predicting 6 to 12 of our fellow citizens is more art than science. Jury dynamics are often mysterious. There are so many variables in jury deliberations that that

 A recent study of 1004 attempts to unionize a workplace finds that employers threatened to close the plant in 57% of those attempts and threatened to cut wages and benefits in 47% of the campaigns.  In 63% of these campaigns, supervisors met with employees in one-on-one meetings to ask workers whether they supported the union.