Donald Trump famously said Mexican immigrants are rapists and criminals. This was early in his campaign. The chef at his then new hotel in Washington, D.C., found those remarks offensive. Chef Jose Andres backed out of his written agreement planning the new hotel. Mr. Trump filed suit for breach of contract. Now, the chef has

Mike Leach was fired by Texas Tech over five years ago. He filed suit over that termination, saying it violated his contract. I previously wrote about his lawsuit here and here. He sued to force the state to honor its contract hiring him. But, his initial appeal was denied. And, now the Texas Supreme

Texas Supreme Court
Texas Supreme Court

Just when we thought the Texas Supreme Court cleared things up regarding non-compete agreements, the court issues another decision that muddies the water. In Exxon Mobil Co. v. Drennen, 2014 WL 4782974 (Tex. 2014), the court addressed a non-compete agreement in which the employee would forfeit deferred

Lawsuits are tricky. They must be filed within a certain deadline, known as "statutes of limitation."  If a person misses the statute of limitation without a very, very good reason, that person cannot file the lawsuit. Statutes of limitations are very important. A suit based on personal injury must be filed within two years of

Surina Dixon was hired by Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas to coach women’s basketball.  She quit her job in Tennessee and moved to Texas with her husband in 2008.  She noticed soon after she arrived that the new men’s basketball coach was paid $148,000 while she was to be paid only $75,000.  She complained.

My colleague in California, Gene Lee, has written a couple of nice entries about how to read an employment contract.  See this post for part 1 of his series on reading contracts.  Note the information regarding which state law governs the contract.  In today’s business world, employment contracts frequently involve two, three states or more.