confidentiality agreement

If you work for a company for a few years and maintain your LinkedIn account, you will build up a set of contacts based on your employment. What happens if those contacts are customers? Do they belong to you or to your employer? That was the issue in Cellular Accessories for Less, Inc. v. Trinitas

I discussed yesterday the case in which an employee’s daughter disclosed the settlement amount and caused a settlement agreement proceeds to be returned to the employer.  See my post here.  Now, I see the Florida court of appeals decision here.  From the decision, it appears that the case was indeed dismissed.  The plaintiff

According to a recent Washington Post news report, KBR and Halliburton required its contract employees in Iraq and Afghanistan to not report fraud or waste.   They required contract employees to sign confidentiality agreements.  To any veteran of the two wars, that requirement is offensive.  We received many of our support services from KBR (owned