In many lawsuits, the two opposing parties eventually turn to mediation or talks about settlement. Not every case settles at mediation, but many do. Typically at mediation, if the parties reach a verbal agreement, they then reduce that verbal agreement to a very brief written agreement. The mediator will usually have on hand a generic,

In every settlement of a discrimination claim, the employer always require a confidentiality clause.  In this clause, the employee agrees to reveal the terms of the settlement only to a select few persons, such as a spouse and an accountant.  The rationale offered by the employer is that otherwise, they will face numerous other lawsuits

Social media is that new frontier we always hear about – or one of them anyway.  Some lawyers are still trying to understand the limits.  One lawyer in South Florida was upset about a judge, who he believed was circumventing the speedy trial requirements.  So, he posted a blog entry about a judge.  The judge