We all suffer from some biases. That is part of human nature. There is, these days much discussion about the Confederate statues and what they represent. Here in San Antonio, we have one Confederate monument in Travis Park. County Commissioner Tommy Calvert, a fine person, insisted last week that that statue represents racism. He stressed

There is a song about a Scottish soldier who perished during WW I in the trenches. It goes like this (with English translation):

Lay me down in the cold, cold ground

Where before many more have gone

Thoughts of home take away my fear

Sweat and blood hide my veil of tears

Once a year

Seeing the cranes lifting the Robert E. Lee monument in New Orleans is a little distressing for me. Not every county in Texas has a monument to the Confederate soldier, but many do. And, almost every county from Louisiana to Virginia has at least one monument to the Confederate soldier. The monuments do not commemorate