The thing about Bowe Bergdahl is why was he even in the Army in the first place? It is near suicide to walk off a FOB with no weapon and no protective gear. Yet, that is exactly what he did before he was captured by the Taliban. He had washed out of Coast Guard basic

The judge in SGT Bowe Bergdahl’s case will not limit or dismiss the court-martial because of Pres. Trump’s comments about the young sergeant. The judge found Trump’s comments, while inappropriate, would not affect Col. Nance. Col. Nance is the judge. He can judge whether the comments about Bergdahl will affect him. But, he is also

Bowe Bergdahl was supposed to be sentenced on Oct. 23. But, instead, his lawyer renewed a motion he had filed before. Eugene Fidell re-argued a motion alleging there has been unlawful command influence (UCI). Pres. Trump talked about SGT Bergdahl last week, saying he cannot say anything, but he said things earlier. The President, in

Bowe Bergdahl is expected to plea guilty to a charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. SGT Bergdahl’s lawyer has refused comment. But, a former U.S. Air Force JAG officer explained that pleading guilty makes sense. The evidence against the former Taliban POW is rather clear, he said. See San Antonio Express News report

The trial date for SGT Bowe Bergdahl has been set for October 23, 2017. The trial will be held at Ft. Bragg. His attorneys had tried to dismiss the case due to Pres. Trump’s prejudicial statements during the campaign. The judge denied the motion. But, the attorneys have appealed the decision. See Task +

The colonel hearing the court martial of Bowe Bergdahl will not dismiss the charges against the young sergeant. He agreed the comments by then Candidate Trump were troubling. But, he would not agree they were so pervasive and unfair as to saturate the community and cause prejudice. See CNN news report. The lawyer for

Its a fundamental part of the military court martial process that a commander may not discuss a pending court martial. Anything a general says will prejudice the military jury. But, what happens when the commander speaking about a prominent court martial is a candidate for president? Donald Trump spoke often about Bowe Bergdahl. The candidate

So, documents have been released about Bowe Begddahl. Those documents shed light on the troubled young man. He tried to join the French Foreign Legion. He grew up in a regimented home. He was home schooled. He had limited contact with girls until he was 16 or 17. His father, not a veteran, but still

Now, they want Bowe Bergdahl to face a general court martial. The investigating officer had recommended a special court-martial instead. The level of punishment is higher at the general court-martial level. The “convening authority” (i.e., the general responsible for the investigation) overruled his investigating officer. The general appointed the investigating officer, so normally, the general

So, the other shoe drops. Bowe Bergdahl may not have been appropriate for Army service, at all. It turns out that he had been in the Coast Guard before entering the Army. The Coast Guard kicked him out after 90 days. He was removed administratively. As most veterans know, that typically means he had some