A little known fact is that many defense lawyers who practice employment law are actually political moderates. Many of my defense lawyer friends actually were appalled by former Pres. Trump. But, not all. Two lawyers resigned from the mega firm, Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith in Los Angeles to start a new law firm that

 A similar question arises in all my employment cases.  In a recent case, the defense lawyer was deposing a witness who supported my client.  He asked why she thought the manager’s remark was discriminatory.  Upon hearing that swine flu was predominant in the Rio Grande Valley, the manager had remarked, "Well, what do you expect

Every so often someone will claim that discrimination is gone or mostly gone.  Yet, evidence of bias pops up everywhere.  In a recent trial in a patent infringement case in Marshall, Texas, a witness from Israel was testifying.  The defense lawyer was cross examining the Israeli witness.  Asking about the witness’ lunch meeting at Bodacious