On June 12, Judge Hughes dismissed the lawsuit filed by 178 employees of the Houston Methodist hospital. I wrote about that dismissal here. Those employees have already submitted their notice of appeal.

Now, more than 150 employees of that same hospital have quit or been fired, because they refused to take the vaccine. See CBS

This is the ugly side of at-will employment. Under at-will employment, a worker can be fired for any reason, so long as the reason does not involve discrimination and a few other rare exceptions. Marissa Holcomb was fired from her job as manager at the Popeye’s in Channel View, a Houston suburb after the place

 Many times over the years, I have been asked or told that what the employer did was not fair.  The employee will tell me how they were fired with just one warning.  The employee explains that the employee handbook clearly says the employer must have three written warnings "before they can fire you."