If a female employee is assaulted and harassed, can she sue for assault or for sexual discrimination or both? According to the Waffle House, Inc. v. Wiliams, 313 S.W.3d 796 (Tex. 2010) decision, she would have to sue under the Texas Commission for Human Rights Act for discrimination. Limiting the female employee to sex

Ok, Texas workers do not have many rights, but they do surely have the right to work in a reasonably safe environment.  A Houston man has sued his former employer for allowing and encouraging tasering of the plaintiff.  Apparently, Bradley Jones was tasered some 24 times in his last nine months at Fred Fincher Motors.

Workplace frustration boiled over in a westside San Antonio restaurant last month.  A waitress reacted badly when her work hours were reduced.  Maria Benavidez expressed frustration at her reduced hours.  She looked at the manager’s stepson’s paycheck – who also worked there.  Her manager told her to leave and called the police.  Ms. Benavidez then