In every settlement of a discrimination claim, the employer always require a confidentiality clause.  In this clause, the employee agrees to reveal the terms of the settlement only to a select few persons, such as a spouse and an accountant.  The rationale offered by the employer is that otherwise, they will face numerous other lawsuits

Many times an employer’s stated reasons for an unlawful discharge will change over time.  The first occasion an employer offers its reasons is when it fires the employee.  But, often, a supervisor will not provide any reasons at the termination.  Or, there may not be an actual face-to-face meeting when the employee is terminated. The

Mandatory retirement plans based on age are generally prohibited under the Age Discriminaiton in Employment Act.  But, the ADEA, like Title VII of the Civil Rights Act covers employees, not business owners – including partners.  True partners, those who manage and control a business, are not covered by the ADEA.  Burke v. Freedman

The Texas Supreme Court has issued another decision which undercuts the rights of consumers.  In Mission ISD v. Garcia, the Supreme Court looked at the prima facie case necessary for age discrimination.  The Court found that a plaintiff must be able to show that s/he was replaced by someone younger.  In Garcia, the

The San Antonio regional office of the EEOC has filed two discrimination lawsuits here in the Alamo City.  One suit is against AA Foundries, Inc. alleging racial discrimination.  The lawsuit claims that a AA Foundries supervisor routinely used the "n" word and that a hangman’s noose was displayed.  The breakroom also displayed racially offensive materials.

Federal trials have become as rare as hen’s teeth.  In the appeal of a jury verdict in Phillips v. Leggett & Platt, Inc., we see part of the reason why.  A Mississippi jury found that the defendant had discriminated against Jean Phillips on the basis of her age.  Ms. Philips was 66 years old when Leggett

 Billy Ray Cyrus’ former road and farm manager has sued the country-western singer and his wife for age discrimination.  The manager says Billy Ray said the manager was "old and dumb and don’t know anything about running a farm."  Yea, comments about age are usually pretty good evidence of age discrimination.  See report


 A man in Dallas has worked at Jack in the Box for 32 years.  Robert Williams worked his way up to Area Coach, just a few steps below President and Chief Operating Officer.  Burt, he was not rewarded for his loyalty.  Instead, at meetings, a supervisor would ask if it was time for Mr. Williams’