Memorial Day is a time to remember those veterans who gave all they had to give for us. I always think of  1SGT Saenz at times like this. Some 100 of us IRR members met at Ft. Jackson on March 13, 2005. We reported to Ft. Jackson, South Carolina for in-processing and reintroduction to the

On this Veteran’s Day, we stop for a minute to honor those who have served in our nation’s armed forces.  During the two wars, the day assumes greater significance.  I have written in this space about my friend, 1SGT Carlos Saenz who was killed in Iraq when I was serving there.  I know to some

 We all have different memories of Memorial Day.  Some remember hot dogs and trips to the lake.  Some remember a grandfather or uncle who served in World War II or Viet Nam.  I remember 1SGT Saenz.  We all met at Ft. Jackson on March 13, 2005.  We numbered a little over a hundred members of