In a very brief order, the Fifth Circuit ordered the release of Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips, the two heads of True the Vote. Otherwise, the district court’s order remains in effect. Neither Ms. Englebrecht or Mr. Phillips have yet to disclose the name of the second analyst who supposedly showed them proof that Konnech had stored poll worker information on Chinese servers. See my prior post about this contempt finding here. Since their confinement, the two True the Vote leaders have turned their plight into a major cause and a nice fund-raiser, says Texas Tribune. See Texas Tribune report here. They have been selling merchandise emblazoned with “FREEOM!” including mouse pads, hoodies, hats and mugs. As I mentioned before, it is extremely rare to find a party litigant in contempt, much less send them to jail. I expect Judge Hoyt had good reason to do what he did.

See the Fifth Circuit order here.