They found his body three days after he was pulled under by the current. SPC Bishop Evans jumped in to save a couple of illegal immigrants. He did what Guardsmen have always done, save someone he never met. Two illegal immigrants are alive due to his efforts.

As the Justice of the Peace arrived, she saw that his body was covered with an American flag.  DPS Troopers removed their hats. Nearby soldiers who had been looking for the young Guardsman saluted when they saw his body. The Troopers shed a few tears. See San Antonio Express News report.

Rare indeed it is when a National Guardsman dies while on state duty. Usually, state active duty means driving a truck through flooded waters or bringing folks their medications. But, these days in Texas, state active duty means presenting the optics of securing our border. In the military, we are often called upon to stand there, or sit here and look good. We call it “eye wash.” Your role is to simply look good, to suggest you are doing something productive. We are generally okay with eye wash. It is part of the job. … In limited quantities.

But, dying for one man’s political ambition is not okay. Wasting the life of one young soldier is never okay.

<Slow salute> SPC Bishop Evans.