This really is not how to manage a lawsuit. A Connecticut judge has ordered that Alex Jones be sanctioned $25,000  per weekday until he appears for his deposition. The Judge found Mr. Jones in contempt of court for missing two deposition dates. It is very odd that Jones has totally failed to cooperate in discovery with the opposition. Every party to a lawsuit – especially the defendant – finds the process annoying. But, the parties must appear for depositions. The Sandy Hook plaintiffs have all been deposed. Only Mr. Jones has so far avoided the normal process.

The Judge also ordered that Mr. Jones’ deposition occur in Connecticut. The plaintiffs had been trying to depose Mr. Jones in Austin, where Jones lives. That is a normal practice. But, the Judge has rightly recognized that Mr. Jones has taken advantage of that practice.

Jones offered $120,000 per plaintiff to settle their claims on Monday. But, the plaintiffs rejected his offer. And, they should reject it. With his obstinate conduct and now, already in default, the jury may go well above normal limits. See Politico news report here.

Too, Mr. Jones has made this a very personal sort of lawsuit. Spewing lies about one’s young children is completely cruel. I expect there is much bad blood between the parties.