Lawyer Lin Wood, the pro-Trump lawyer who filed a handful of election lawsuits, is being investigated by the Georgia Bar Association for alleged ethical lapses. In response, Mr. Wood published online the addresses for the 18 members of the Georgia grievance committee. Four of the addresses were home addresses. Disciplinary or grievance committees are typically composed of volunteer lawyers and a few public members at large. Mr. Wood asked that his followers “investigate” these 18 grievance committee members. Wood published the addresses on his Telegram account. Can someone say, “Please sanction me”?

More than 350,000 Telegram users viewed that post. Mr. Wood justified his action, saying the information was public. I do not know how the Georgia Bar Association does things. But, in Texas, us lawyer persons can choose to make our home addresses public or not. But, otherwise, our work addresses are indeed public. Mr. Wood said the state bar started the fight, but he would finish it.

The Georgia state bar said it is proceeding with an inquiry under its rule regarding lawyers who suffer a mental capacity issue or a substance abuse issue. See ABA Bar Journal report. Mr. Wood insists he has not taken a drink in eight years and that his doctors said he was mentally fit. Fit or not, this is a good way to find his law license in jeopardy.